Statement by Ambassador Adela Raz Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People – Election of the Bureau


February 4th, 2019 – Trusteeship Council Chamber

Thank you Mr. Chair, Your Excellencies and the Secretary General:

I want to thank you for convening this meeting of the United Nations General Assembly Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.

Allow me to first start by thanking the Members of the Committee for reelecting Afghanistan as a Vice-Chair of this committee. I would also like to thank the Members of the Committee for entrusting Afghanistan with the role of acting rapporteur during this session of the Committee’s work. Afghanistan is honored by your confidence and will continue to do our best to fulfill this important commitment.

Over this past year, Afghanistan has exercised the vice-chairmanship of the committee with a firm dedication to our brothers and sisters in Palestine. During this past year, we have shown solidarity to the cause of the Palestinians by raising the urgency of finding a solution to bring an end to decades of long conflict. Afghanistan has defended Palestine’s inalienable right for self-determination and has strongly advocated this right at all forums and platform.

This includes the recent OIC’s emergency meeting in Jeddah following the meeting in July 2019 and the May 2019 Extraordinary Islamic Summit Conference, which was attended by President Ashraf Ghani showing Afghanistan’s commitment to the plight of the Palestinians. In the latter, President Ghani stressed how failure to address the plight of the Palestinian people has robbed several generations in the Middle East of the opportunity of living in stability and prosperity. We must not allow this suffering to continue further.

Mr. Chair,

As a country that has seen conflict and destruction with its own eyes, Afghanistan understands the importance of cooperation and solidarity in the midst of crisis. As a gesture of the strong bond that unites Afghanistan and Palestine, last year we decided to contribute close to 78,000,000 Afghanis to the budget of UNWRA, under a strong belief that this contribution will not only serve as a monetary contribution but also a message that the Afghan people will continue to stand side by side our Palestinian brothers and sisters as they seek to achieve a long and lasting resolution which can bring peace, security and prosperity, not only to Palestine, but to the entire Middle East.

Mr. Chair,

Please continue to count on the support of Afghanistan for the work of this committee, as well as in the capacity of Vice Chair and rapporteur. Afghanistan has the honor to serve again in this new term and new year as a dedicated partner and ally of the United Nations to attain sustainability and prosperity for the people of Palestine.

I thank you,  


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