Statement at the Security Council on the Adoption of UNAMA Resolution

Statement at the Security Council on the Adoption of UNAMA Resolution

 September 17th, 2019

Mr. President,

Thank you for giving me the floor.

We thank the Security Council for the adoption of this resolution, extending UNAMA’s mandate for 12 months. This signifies the Council’s support for Afghanistan, at a time when the people of Afghanistan are entering a new and crucially important phase of their long-standing efforts to achieve peace and prosperity.

On September 28, our people will vote in the upcoming presidential election and yet again, prove their ever-lasting commitment to consolidate democracy as a key imperative for a stable and prosperous Afghanistan.

The government and people of Afghanistan are fully prepared for this important national event, which will strengthen the pillars of constitutional governance and rule of law in the country.

At the same time, consistent with our long-standing commitment to peace, we stand fully committed to advancing an effective peace process that conforms with and meets the fundamental needs of our people: a dignified peace that holds and protects human rights and our democratic gains, which is embraced and accepted by the people of Afghanistan.

I wish to reiterate the importance of the principle of Afghan ownership and leadership in the context of peace efforts and that all international support measures should serve to complement & reinforce our national efforts. 

We thank the United Nations, this Council in particular, and other partners in the international community for their continued support in our journey towards a stable and representative Afghanistan, especially in our joint efforts to further empower women in our country. This expression of support was highlighted in this Council’s meeting on Afghanistan last week, for which we are grateful.

Afghanistan also attaches great importance to the region, regional cooperation, and in particular regional economic cooperation. In this regard, we attach a high priority to the economic projects that help further strengthen regional connectivity.

Looking ahead, we are aware that the future is not void of challenges and difficulties. That said, I can state with full confidence that the determination of Afghans to achieve success is greater than the challenges we confront. 

We in Afghanistan look forward to continue our partnership with this Council and the broader international community to complete the mission on which we embarked together in 2001, and I must say that, since then, we have made tremendous achievements that we all need to preserve and build on.

Allow me to once again thank the United Nations and the Security Council for accompanying us in this difficult journey and standing beside us in support and solidarity, as we are working to secure democracy and peace in Afghanistan. 

I conclude by thanking the delegations of Germany and Indonesia for leading the difficult negotiations process in the lead up to the adoption of today’s resolution.

Thank You Mr. President.

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