The Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF) 2017 to 2021


The Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework is our plan to achieve self-reliance and increase the welfare of our people. We will build a productive and broad-based economy that creates jobs. We will establish the rule of law and put an end to corruption, criminality, and violence. Justice and the rule of law require that we step up the fight against corruption, reform our courts, and make sure that ordinary citizens can exert their constitutional rights with confidence. We will change the structure of our economy from one of import and distribution to one where a thriving private sector — from small farmers and urban businesses to large manufacturers — can successfully export Afghan products to regional and global markets. We will make strategic investments in infrastructure, human capital, quality service delivery, and technology; backed by a robust and well-regulated financial sector that can channel money to where it can best be spent. Growth will be inclusive and balanced. As the economy grows, Afghanistan will be able to expand investments in the health and education of our people. Achieving these goals requires a collective effort to overcome fragmentation, increase accountability, and introduce proper policies for sustainable growth.

The Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework 2017-2021



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