Opening Ceremony of Exhibit titled, “Wakhan, an Other Afghanistan” at the United Nations

Opening Ceremony of Exhibit titled, “Wakhan, an Other Afghanistan” at the United Nations

January 7th, 2013 at the Delegates Entrance

On Monday evening, the opening of a fascinating art exhibit titled, “Wakhan, an Other Afghanistan”, was unveiled at the United Nations headquarters.  The exhibit chronicles the journey of two French photographers, Fabrice Nadjari & Cedric Houin, as they traveled through the Wakhan corridor in Northeast Afghanistan.  The event was organized by the Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the UN in collaboration with the French consulate and other agencies.

During their journey through the Wakhan corridor, Fabrice and Cedric traveled 180 miles, beginning in the Hindu Kush Mountains to the Western Himalayas and the border of China.  While on their trek, they documented two tribes, the Wakhis and the Kyrgyz tribes through a pictorial documentary.

At the opening ceremony, H.E. Dr. Zahir Tanin, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the UN addressed the large crowd of attendees.  Ambassador Tanin talked about the wonderful images by saying that, “here you can see the landscape that represents the natural features of the broader central Asian region.  The people of Wakhan share lineage with people from the greater area.”

Ambassador Tanin then touched on the Wakhan and greater Afghan geographical regional importance when he stated that, “Afghanistan is viewed as a crossroads, a meeting point of different regions, a distinguished place in the Heart of Asia….Due to its unique location,” he said, “Wakhan exemplifies in its own way a crossroads, and today it can bring regions together, rather than separating them.”

The exhibit brought together citizens from varied backgrounds including United Nations Ambassadors, staff members, press, art enthusiasts, the local Afghan community, and all interested and enthusiastic people from the community.

Other co-sponsors of the event were the French Consulate, BBC, CNN, National Geographic, The New York Times, ABC, Nikon, PDN, Herald Sun, Mail Online, Artnet, Impossible, and Duggal Visual Solution.  The exhibit will be on display at the delegate’s entrance from January 7th – 18th.

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