Afghanistan Joins The Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD)

Afghanistan Joins The Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD)

October 17, 2012- The first Summit of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) which commenced in Kuwait on Tuesday, congratulated and welcomed the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as a new member of the Forum.


President Hamid Karzai thanked His Highness the Amir of Kuwait and all ACD member states on their constant support for Afghanistan to become a member of the ACD Forum.


The President said, “Afghanistan believes that it was an excellent initiative by the Kingdom of Thailand to launch in 2002 the Asian Cooperation Dialogue, as a continental forum for integrating all aspects of Asia’s strengths and transforming the vast continent into a desirable unified community.”


President Karzai applauded the proposal by His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al-Jaber Al Sabah, the Amir of the State of Kuwait, to establish  the ACD Trust Fund of 2 billion $ for the development efforts in the least developed Asian countries and his announcement to contribute 300 million dollars towards the target amount of 2 billion USD.


The President hoped that other member states would also generously contribute to the Trust Fund for the good of the entire continent.


President Karzai noted, Afghanistan respects the core principles of the ACD, namely positive thinking; informality; voluntarism; openness and respect for diversity.


The President said, “We believe that ACD provides a unique opportunity to discuss and engage in sincere and result-oriented dialogue with a view to addressing the peace, security and development challenges that confront us all in different ways. This Forum can enable us to further strengthen peaceful co-existence among cultures and civilizations in our continent.”


The President added, “I am fully confident that our membership in this very important Asian Cooperation Dialogue will further provide the opportunity to better strengthen our regional cooperation for the well being of our continent and beyond.”


At the summit, leaders of the ACD member states congratulated President Karzai on membership of Afghanistan to the ACD and described its affiliation with the Forum as beneficial.


Currently, 32 Asian countries are members to the ACD and Afghanistan has joined the Forum now.

Key objectives of the ACD are to broaden economic and cultural cooperation among Asian countries; improve people’s lives; fight poverty and terrorism; manage natural disasters and to promote agriculture, tourism, transportation, technology and human resources.


For further information, please contact:

Office of the Spokesperson to the President of Afghanistan,

Tel.:   +93 (20) 210 2853

          +93 (20) 210 3705

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