Afghanistan Welcomes Financial Pledges by Germany and Australia

Afghanistan Welcomes Financial Pledges by Germany and Australia

The government of Afghanistan welcomes and appreciates as a positive development the financial commitments announced yesterday by Australia and today by Germany as Afghanistan and the international community prepares for the Chicago Summit next week.

Following signing of a bilateral long-term partnership agreement with President Karzai, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her country’s annual commitment of 150 million Euros beyond 2014 to help finance the costs of Afghan Security Forces’ sustainability.

A statement released by the office of Prime Minister Julia Gillard said Australia will contribute $100 million annually for three years beginning in 2015 toward the $4 billion a year cost of running the Afghan National Security Forces after they take responsibility for their country’s security.

Aimal Faizi, the Spokesman to President Hamid Karzai, who is accompanying the President in his current visit to Germany said, “we welcome with thanks the announcement by Australia and Germany and encourage other countries to also come up with pledges for the sake of a sustainable Afghan National Security Force, capable of providing security on their own.” He added, “Helping Afghan Security Sector is indeed an investment in global security.”


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