Remarks of   Ahmad Zahir Faqiri  Deputy Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to United Nations  Group of Friends meeting (UNAOC)

Remarks of Ahmad Zahir Faqiri Deputy Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to United Nations Group of Friends meeting (UNAOC)

Distinguished High Representative – Mr. Jorge Sampaio,


Ladies and Gentlemen,


At the outset I wish to thank H.E. President Jorge Sampaio, High Representative for the UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), for his initiative in holding today’s important gathering.

Mr. President

The noble objectives of the alliance of civilization can only be achieved by building strong partnerships among key players at the levels of government, international organizations and agencies, civil society and the private sector.


Establishing bona fide dialogue among nations requires a common understanding of the ways of lives of  each others and ways of thinking and believes of each other.

This is very true that meeting the core objectives of AOC is not a short term process; it required durable efforts and patience.

By working together, we can break the sequence of misunderstanding, aversion and violence. We can help to restore trust among communities and nations and we can help reduce the levels of cross-culture anxiety.


Mr. President

Afghanistan is fully committed to the objectives of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.  This commitment is based on our own experience, as a country that is being supported by a grand coalition of friends who have stood by the Afghan people as we strive to overcome decades of misery and conflict, and achieve a lasting peace and stability.


We are glad to see the work of AOC moving ahead steadily. We look forward to the up-coming Partner Forum for the Alliance, Istanbul, May 2012, which will support and build on the success of the four previous sessions in Doha, Madrid, Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro. Each of these forums were essential in forging and identifying practical initiatives for cross-cultural cooperation, aimed at finding common solutions to some of the pressing challenges of our time, such as polarization, poverty, and extremism.  Afghanistan welcomes the important decisions taken in Doha forum.


Mr. President

We  joins other members of the Group of Friends in expressing support to all efforts intended at building the credibility of our Alliance, both domestically, among its members, and also with the international community. Further, we welcome ongoing efforts geared towards increasing the effectiveness of the Alliance of Civilizations.

Finally Mr. President, we fully support the proposed Replenishment Mechanism and believe that in order to support  UNAOC to continue its invaluable work, a funding structure, based on country contributions, is much needed. To this end we had our symbolic contributions to UNAOC trust fund, to show our support and commitment to the work and objectives of the Alliance.

I Thank You!


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