Special Representative Kubiš meets President Karzai

Special Representative Kubiš meets President Karzai

18 January 2012 – The new United Nations envoy for Afghanistan, Ján KubiÅ¡, today met for the first time with President Hamid Karzai.

“My focus will be the United Nations partnership with your Government and with the Afghan people,” Mr. Kubiš told the President.

The new Special Representative of the Secretary-General and the Head of UNAMA had arrived in the capital city of Kabul on Tuesday. He thanked the President for receiving him less than 24 hours following his arrival, “a sign of confidence”, he said, he would “do his best to live up to.”

President Karzai welcomed Mr. Kubiš to Afghanistan and vowed that the United Nations envoy would have “all our cooperation.”

Earlier in the morning, Mr. Kubiš had met with Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul who praised the Special Representative for his personality, the trust of the Secretary-General and his knowledge of Afghanistan and the broader region.

Foreign Minister Rassoul told Mr. Kubiš that Afghanistan had embarked on a long journey of reconstruction and stabilization that required the cooperation of the international community and international organizations such as the United Nations.
“The role that the United Nations will play will be more crucial, particularly when it comes to the transition and peace processes, and the regional situation,” the Foreign Minister told Mr. Kubiš.

By UNAMA Kabul

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