Opening Remarks by  H.E. Dr. Zahir Tanin  Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations

Opening Remarks by H.E. Dr. Zahir Tanin Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations


Chair of the Intergovernmental Negotiation on the question of equitable representation and increase in the membership of the Security Council and other matters related to the Council

At an Informal Plenary Session of the General Assembly, 8th round of IGN

26th of January, 2012



Distinguished delegates,

It is a pleasure to gather you all here again. As I outlined in my letter dated the 29th of December, I have arranged this series of meetings in order to give each Member State initiative the in-depth discussion and evaluation it deserves. In line with the membership driven nature of this process, these meetings will aim to allow for greater interactivity and ensure that the process can forge ahead in an open, transparent, inclusive and comprehensive manner.

As I mentioned in my 29th December and 10th January letters, at the beginning of each meeting the authors of the initiative on which we are focused will be given an opportunity to speak about their proposal from the floor. They are encouraged to not just introduce their proposal, but also to indicate how it can be further operationalized. Other Member States will then have the opportunity to weigh in on the merits of the initiative and indicate whether they support it. At the end of the exchange, I will ask the authors to answer any questions and to reflect on the discussion. I trust that Member States will uphold decision 62/557 and consider each initiative in light of all the five key issues as well as their interconnectedness.

Upholding decision 62/557 also means working towards results. In my humble opinion, since the launch of the intergovernmental negotiations, this eighth round is the closest to a real give and take we have ever gotten. With concrete Member State initiatives on our agenda and Rev3, which I continue to work on, in our back pocket, we have a better chance than ever to find a solution that can garner the widest possible political acceptance by Member States.

As per my most recent letter, today we discuss the 6 September 2011 letter from the Representatives of Brazil, Germany, India and Japan. I understand that Brazil will introduce this initiative on behalf of the group. You have the floor.


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