Briefing on the International Afghanistan Conference in Bonn, Germany  December 8th 2011 by Afghan Mission

Briefing on the International Afghanistan Conference in Bonn, Germany December 8th 2011 by Afghan Mission


The Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the UN and the Permanent Mission of Germany to the UN co-organized a briefing on the Bonn Conference, which was held on December 5th in Bonn, Germany.  Over 100 delegations attended the Bonn Conference to discuss the way forward for Afghanistan, and many interested and eager country representatives looking to hear its conclusions were present at today’s roundtable briefing.


H.E. Ambassador Peter Wittig of Germany and H.E. Ambassador Tanin of Afghanistan addressed the attendees.  H.E. Ambassador Wittig welcomed the guests and introduced the meeting, stating that the conference’s core message was that Afghanistan can count on long-term support from the international community far beyond 2014.  He went on to say that “we will not allow Afghanistan to slide back into a safe haven for terrorists and terrorism.”  He stressed the importance of a partnership from 2015-2024, a decade that will begin with transition and end with transformation.  This decade is key to the future success of Afghanistan as a sovereign country.  For its part, over the course of the Transition to Transformation process, Afghanistan is committed to improvements in the areas of governance, security, the peace process, economic and social development, and regional cooperation.  The way forward, as agreed upon in Bonn, showed a deep and broad partnership between Afghanistan and the International Community.


H.E. Ambassador Tanin emphasized Germany’s steadfast support, particularly over the last ten years on many fronts, including the training of the Afghan national police, building capacity of state institutions, and assisting in reconstruction efforts.  Ambassador Tanin discussed the huge strides Afghanistan has taken since the last Bonn Conference ten years ago following the fall of the Taliban, stating that “during the last ten years, we have laid the foundations of a new, democratic, stable, and prosperous society in Afghanistan.” “Transition is no longer a concept but a reality,” he said, “a reality based in the belief that we must end this war, which is impossible to sustain and wrong to accept.”


Ambassador Tanin spoke about the broad achievements that have been attained over the last ten years.  He discussed how Afghanistan has an inclusive political process, has reconstructed state institutions, improved infrastructure, and provided citizens with rights and freedoms otherwise denied to them in the past.  He also spoke about the strong improvements in education and health care over the last decade.  He concluded by stating firmly that, “Afghanistan stands ready to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations, while the international community remains committed to continue its support of our efforts.”









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