H.E. Dr. ZahirTanin, Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the UN, Re-Appointed as Chair of the Inter-Governmental Negotiations on Security Council Reform


The President of the 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, has re-appointed H.E. Dr. Zahir Tanin, Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the UN, to serve as Chairman of the Intergovernmental Negotiations on Security Council Reform.

The re-appointment of Ambassador Tanin, which was among the first decisions taken by the President of the General Assembly since his election by UN member-states early this month, places Afghanistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN at the lead of the inter-governmental negotiations on Security Council for a fourth consecutive year.

During his tenure as chair of the inter-governmental negotiations, Ambassador Tanin has received the support of a wide-range of UN member-states, which comprise the five main regional groups in which the 193 countries represented are categorized.

Ambassador Tanin’s re-appointment ensures continuity in an on-going process, aimed at achieving a more democratic, representative and efficient Security Council; better able to address the many challenges confronting international peace and security.


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