Ambassador Tanin Received by the Libyan Leader

H.E. Zahir Tanin, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the United States, arrived in Libya late Saturday for a three-day official visit at the invitation of the Government of Libya.

On Monday, Ambassador Tanin was received by H.E. Mr. Moammar Ghadafi, Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution, at his Residence in Tripoli. They spoke for two hours. Also present were the Libyan Director of International Organizations, Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Chief of Protocol of the Office of the Leader.

Their discussion ranged from Afghanistan, and the role of the international community there, to the Security Council reform process that Ambassador Tanin is currently chairing for his second year under the Libyan Presidency of H.E. Ali Treki. Leader Ghadafi expressed his opinion that the UN General Assembly needed to be empowered, and that the Security Council should be more democratic and representative, rather than being the preserve of a select few. He emphasized the importance of the national sovereign equality that underpins the United Nations, and stated his belief that reform of the Charter is necessary to reflect current realities, to give permanent representation for all including Africa through representation of regional and other organizations. He expressed his support for Ambassador Tanin’s efforts and wished him success.

Ambassador Tanin, for his part, briefed the Leader on recent developments in the negotiations process, including the recent introduction of a draft negotiation text. He thanked the Leader for his interest and emphasized that there was a need for engagement from international leaders to produce the necessary political will for reform. Ambassador Tanin reiterated that he remained impartial to positions but partial to progress, and said that he would do everything he could to keep the momentum alive, but that in the end the Member States were the owners and drivers of the process.

Ambassador Tanin and Leader Ghadafi also discussed the current situation in Afghanistan. The Leader expressed his solidarity with the Afghan people and his support for their search for a political solution to the ongoing conflict. He expressed his wishes for the success of the Afghan leadership in finding a solution and ending the long suffering of the Afghan people.

Ambassador Tanin also met with Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Mr. Mussa Kussa.

During his visit to Libya, Ambassador Tanin also had the opportunity to visit several sights of cultural and historical interest, including ancient Roman ruins outside of Tripoli.

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