UN Security Council Agrees to Gradual Removal of Taliban Names from Black List

A delegation of the United Nations Security Council in a meeting with President Karzai in Kabul announced that the UN agrees to gradually strike off from its blacklist the names of the Taliban who have no links with Alqaeda or other terrorist networks.

Headed by Turkish UN Ambassador, Ertugrul Apakan, the delegation included representatives of the 15 council members, including Afghanistan Ambassador to the United Nations Zahir Tanin. The team reaffirmed the UN Security Council’s long term support to the government and the people of Afghanistan.

The meeting focused on a wide range of issues including the recently concluded Peace Jirga, the Reconciliation and Reintegration Process, as well the coming up Kabul International Conference.

The delegation unanimously agreed to President Karzai’s proposal to remove off the UN’s black list the names of those Taliban with no connection with the terrorist networks including the Alqaeda.

Urging for more training and equipments for the Afghan security forces, the President noted that wider regional cooperation remains an important precondition for a successful anti terrorism campaign .

The President briefed the visiting team on the results of the Peace Jirga as well as plans for reintegration and the progress achieved so far.

On the efforts to curb corruption, the President said part of the problem stems from the projects contracted out by the international community in Afghanistan. The President further said on several occasions the private security firms have turned out to be sources of corruption and insecurity especially in certain parts of the country.

The visiting delegation once again declared support to the efforts led by President Karzai in ensuring security and rebuilding of Afghanistan.

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