Ambassador Tanin is Guest of Honor at New York City Bar Association

Welcomed warmly as guest of honor at the New York City Bar Association, Ambassador Tanin addressed some 40 legal experts of the European Affairs and International Law Committees, Tuesday January 12th. Speaking on strengthening the rule of law in Afghanistan, H.E. Tanin stressed the importance of establishing security in Afghanistan as a pre-requisite. He further highlighted the urgency of complementing this focus on security with equally vigorous efforts in the field of governance.

Noting with concern that the Afghan Government has control of only 20 % of all international funds dispensed in Afghanistan, Ambassador Tanin emphasized the need for Afghan empowerment by the international community, enabling Afghans to take charge of security and governance in Afghanistan. Afghanization, he stressed, is crucial to ensure legitimacy in the eyes of the Afghan people.

Engaging his audience in an extensive discussion, the Ambassador underlined the progress that Afghanistan has made throughout the last eight years, in various fields such as education, women’s rights and health care. Citing a recent survey carried out in December 2009 by the BBC and ABC, he noted that in the wake of the 2009 elections, notwithstanding international perceptions, 70 % of the Afghan population believes the country is moving in the right direction, compared to 40 % a year ago.

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