Afghanistan Welcomes the New U.S. Strategy

Arg. Presidential Palace, Kabul – The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan welcomes the new U.S. strategy, announced by President Barack Obama on December 1, 2009, in view of the following:

  1. Protecting the lives and properties of the people;
  2. Supporting the peace and reconciliation processes;
  3. Recognition of the regional dimension of terrorism and preventing terrorists from entering the territory of Afghanistan;
  4. Strengthening Afghan security forces to attain independent defense capability and self-sufficient state institutions;
  5. Strengthening of the Afghan government in law enforcement and improved service delivery;
  6. Supporting the Afghan economy with a focus on priority sectors of agriculture, energy and water, mines and rural development.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan had already shared its views on Afghan issues and the situation in the region with the government of the United States.  We are pleased to see our views on principle issues considered by the Unites States.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan hopes that the increase in the U.S. troops will help further protect Afghan people and enhance security in the country. Afghanistan believes that setting a timetable for the reduction of the U.S. forces will pave the way for the growth of the Afghan security forces and the eventual self-reliance we seek.

Afghanistan will spare no effort in achieving the above objectives.

Issued by the Office of the Spokesperson to the President of Afghanistan,

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