President Karzai’s message on the International Day of Peace

My fellow citizens,
Brothers and Sisters!

September 21 has been declared as the International Day of Peace by the United Nations. People around the world commemorate this day to strengthen the ideals of global peace. We Afghans, more than any other nation in the world, realize the value of peace. In a world where conflicts and unrests claim thousands of lives each day, our nation bears the heaviest burden.

One day ceasefire may be symbolic, but it symbolizes peace as the greatest ever aspiration of the mankind. I order every member of the Afghan Armed Forces not to resort to force on this day, except when attacked. I also call upon the international forces, stationed in Afghanistan, not to resort to force, but for defensive reasons. Taking this opportunity I would also call on those who are fighting against our country, for whatever reason, to cease fire in honor of this day.

I hope that this day becomes the beginning of an enduring peace in our country and the world.
Hamid Karzai
President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

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