Afghanistan, U.S.A and UNIFEM co-host panel discussion about Afghan women

The Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the UN, in collaboration with UNIFEM and the Mission of the United States, today hosted a panel discussion on the status of women in Afghanistan under the title “Eight Years On: What Hope for Afghan Women?”.

Ambassador Zahir Tanin, Permanent Representative of Afghanistan, and Ambassador Susan Rice, Permanent Representative of the United States, both spoke and reaffirmed the cooperation between the two countries and their mutual dedication to guaranteeing Afghan women their full equal rights. In addition, three exceptional women from Afghanistan attended the panel to present their views and to represent the voices and experiences of women in Afghanistan. Najia Zewari works with UNIFEM in Afghanistan as Senior National Program Officer. Wazhma Frogh is a 2009 recipient of the State Department’s Women of Courage award for her dedication to advancing women’s rights.  Suraya Pakzad  is the founder of Voice of Women Organization, recipient of the 2008 State Department’s Women of Courage award, and recipient of the National Medal of Afghanistan. These three women shared their ideas about the challenges facing Afghan women and the ways to move forward.

Statements by the panelists were followed by a brief interactive question and answer session with the audience. The event was very well-attended by representatives from many nations, including representatives from all over the world who were at the United Nations to attend the 2009 Commission on the Status of Women. Among those attending was Canada’s Minister responsible for the Status of Women.

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