UNICEF adopts country program for Afghanistan

On 12 June 2008, the Government of France hosted the International Conference in Support of Afghanistan which was co-chaired by President Nicolas Sarkozy, President Hamid Karzai and the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. The Conference reaffirmed the political and financial support of the International Community to the Afghan people. It also reviewed the progresses made towards the achievement of the Afghnaistan Compact adopted during the London Conference of January 2006.

During the opening session of the conference President Nicolas Sarkozy, President Hamid Karzai, Mrs. Laura Bush and His Highness Agha Khan made statements encouraging the international community to continue its efforts in strenghtening democracy in Afghanistan under the leadership of the Afghan Government.

$ 21 billions were pledged by the donors community during the conference in order to ensure the allocation of ressources for the implementation of a secure, developped and democratic Afghanistan.

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